We are an energy solutions company that is accelerating electrification of the transportation industry by providing a comprehensive scalable e-fleet solution.

We tailor our solutions to private and public commercial fleets, electric vehicle OEMs, ride-share operators, municipalities and commercial/residential facilities owners.

We Bring The Power.

Electrifying a Fleet Requires Infrastructure Expertise

  • Electric vehicles are being deployed in volume due to a proven operating savings versus conventional fuels, resulting in an overall lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Businesses introducing large numbers of electric vehicles face multi-factor increases in electricity demand that could undermine all the operating cost savings.

  • Necessary upgrades to utility services require months to years of utility planning that put the deployment schedule outside the control of the fleet or facility manager.

  • Capital and project management expertise is required for multi-site deployments and to plan, source and install energy infrastructure.

  • Myriad incentives, technologies, and design strategies are available, but only a few guarantee readiness to ensure vehicles are charged and ready when needed.

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