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Chevrolet EV Assessment

InCharge has been selected by GM to support Chevrolet dealers in supplying and installing EV charging equipment in preparation for your certification as a Silverado EV dealer. Our history with GM includes supporting GM vehicle charging at GM’s Proving Grounds, GM Defense, as an approved supplier with GM Fleets, and exclusive provider for GM Cruise.

What Does the EV Infrastructure Process Look Like?


Assessment Options

You have the option of a site walk at your dealership or a virtual assessment to determine charging station locations and your dealership’s electrical capacity. A site walk price of $1,500 has been negotiated by GM. A virtual assessment, which is performed on-line for free is also available. In both cases, InCharge will need access to the electrical control room and information about the building’s electrical facilities. In addition, we require a review of the last twelve (12) months electricity bills from your electric utility. Schedule your site walk or assessment here.


GM Approved Options for Hardware

The InCharge recommended packages include a combination of Level 2 AC charging and DC Fast Charging depending upon your anticipated sales volume. This will enable your dealership to fast charge vehicles for quick turnaround in addition to offering a fast version of Level 2 AC charging.


1 L2 AC Charger – 19.2kW

1 DC Fast Charger
– 60 kW

2 YR In-Control Software

Final Installation – Activation


Medium Volume

2 L2 AC Charger – 19.2kW

2 DC Fast Chargers
– 30 kW + 60 kW

2 YR In-Control Software

Final Installation – Activation


High Volume

2 L2 AC Chargers – 19.2kW

4 DC Fast Chargers – 30 kW
+ 60 kW + 180 kW

2 YR In-Control Software

Final Installation – Activation



Frequently Asked Questions

What EV charging equipment do I need for my dealership?

GM has approved several options of hardware for your dealership based upon anticipated volume sales of the the Sierra EV and other EVs sold at your dealership such as the Bolt EV and EUV. If you are still not sure, contact an EV charging expert at InCharge to determine the right equipment for your dealership.

How much does the equipment cost?

GM has negotiated a discounted rate on the EV charging equipment for your dealership. Prices for equipment will be included in the quotation following the Site Assessment.

How long does it take to charge the electric cars I carry with this new equipment?

The battery specifications for the new Sierra EV have not been publicized yet. However, for the big battery pack version, you can expect that the ICE-30 might charge the battery from 20% to 100% in under 6 hours. Likewise, the ICE-180 should charge the same battery in under 1 hour.

How long does it take to receive my quotation after my site walk?

The average time to receive your quotation is under two weeks.

Why would I select a turnkey installation?

The InCharge team has experience installing EV charging equipment at thousands of dealerships across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and beyond. By selecting InCharge for all your infrastructure needs, we ensure that the equipment will work whether there’s an issue with the equipment, software, or the electrical infrastructure. You can make one phone call to have your charging equipment serviced and get it back up and running, should it go down for any reason. In this way, your dealership doesn’t get caught in between three or more vendors.

What is a Final Bolt Down installation?

Many times a dealership prefers to work with their own electrical contractor. For cases like this, InCharge allows the dealer to follow prescribed requirements for the placement of the charging equipment and self-contracted electrical infrastructure that meets the National Electrical Code. InCharge will verify that the infrastructure was installed correctly through a review of the permit package and photographs, among other things. Once this review is completed, InCharge will ship the dealer the charging equipment and send technicians to your facility to do the ‘final bolt down’, the necessary electrical connections and equipment commissioning.

My dealership allows public access to the area where I’m installing charging equipment. Can I limit access to the EV charger?

Our software, In-Control, allows dealers to limit access by requiring a PIN or the use of an RFID card.

What is the standard warranty on the EV charging equipment?

Typically, the equipment warranty is two years. InCharge offers an extended warranty that can extend the manufacturer’s warranty up to five (5) years.

How do I read my proposal?

InCharge can support review of the proposal via in person or remote.

About InCharge

InCharge Energy, an EV infrastructure leader, brings innovative solutions to electrification. In-Charge was formed with the leadership and support of industry leaders who have over one hundred years of combined electric vehicle and charging experience, having deployed more than 20,000 charging stations. The world leader in eMobility, ABB, made a majority stake investment in InCharge in January of 2022. Our seasoned team has experience working with utilities, fleet management, OEMs, engineering and more. We provide scalable, turnkey, end-to-end commercial energy and infrastructure solutions, including planning, engineering, financing, installation, operations, and maintenance.

InCharge offers both hardware and software products to augment our offerings. Our hardware equipment is comprised of both EV charging and auxiliary charging equipment. We offer a broad portfolio of charging stations including a variety of L2 and DCFCs, reliable manufacturing partners, preferred pricing, and certified EVSE installation kits. InCharge also offers its own proprietary end-to-end charger management platform designed expressly for fleet and charging application: In-Control Software. In-Control manages charging stations access control, usage data, remote management, and network operations. Our software provides load management to reduce fleet total cost of operations (TCO) and peak energy demand. In-Control is built for fleets with security and reliability paramount as well as designed for scalability of fleets, facilities, and vehicles.

It is OCPP compatible for interoperability and is integrated into multiple EVSE brands, allowing a single solution for fleet facilities. In-Control is additionally integrated with service dispatching, warranty, and finance solutions to ensure a comprehensive delivery of services. To ensure complete execution of hardware and software offerings, In-Charge offers complete installation & commissioning assistance for all products. This includes site development, engineering permitting, and self-performance capabilities. InCharge offers comprehensive maintenance and management of charging infrastructure. Preventative maintenance includes full station inspection, performance testing, electrical measurements, cleaning, and more. Preventative maintenance capabilities are enhanced by use
in tandem with In-Control software which provides detailed and ancillary information on charging systems. Reactive maintenance services are also offered, ensuring extensive service of equipment.


Please reach out to learn more, or if you have any questions about electrifying your commercial fleet, researching grants and incentives, or just general questions about the EV Infrastructure process. InCharge is here to help.


If you have more questions, want to speak with a charging expert or are ready to get a site assessment, we’re here for you.