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Honda Prologue EV

InCharge Energy has been selected by American Honda Motor Co., to support Honda dealers in supplying and/or installing EV fast charging equipment in preparation for the arrival of the all new Prologue. InCharge has a long history of OEM dealership installations and can provide infrastructure, design, software, monitoring and maintenance to ensure your customer’s vehicles are ready for delivery and charged on time.

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& Introduction

Start here to learn about EV charging requirements, tier phases, hardware, and process. Connect with an EV specialist to figure out the best solution for your dealership and customers.

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& Pricing

This page outlines the minimum required packages by tier level and provides A La Carte options. Spec sheets, quantities and pricing are listed.

About InCharge

InCharge Energy, an EV infrastructure leader, brings innovative solutions to electrification. InCharge was formed with the leadership and support of industry leaders who have over one hundred years of combined electric vehicle and charging experience, having deployed more than 20,000 charging stations. The world leader in eMobility, ABB, made a majority stake investment in InCharge in January of 2022. Our seasoned team has experience working with utilities, fleet management, OEMs, engineering and more. We provide scalable, turnkey, end-to-end commercial energy and infrastructure solutions, including planning, engineering, financing, installation, operations, and maintenance.

InCharge offers both hardware and software products to augment our offerings. Our hardware equipment is comprised of both EV charging and auxiliary charging equipment. We offer a broad portfolio of charging stations including a variety of L2 and DCFCs, reliable manufacturing partners, preferred pricing, and certified EVSE installation kits.

InCharge also offers its own proprietary end-to-end charger management platform designed expressly for fleet and charging application: In-Control Software. In-Control manages charging stations access control, usage data, remote management, and network operations. Our software provides load management to reduce fleet total cost of operations (TCO) and peak energy demand. In-Control is built for fleets with security and reliability paramount as well as designed for scalability of fleets, facilities, and vehicles. It is OCPP compatible for interoperability and is integrated into multiple EVSE brands, allowing a single solution for fleet facilities. In-Control is additionally integrated with service dispatching, warranty, and finance solutions to ensure a comprehensive delivery of services.

To ensure complete execution of hardware and software offerings, InCharge offers complete installation & commissioning assistance for all products. This includes site development, engineering permitting, and self-performance capabilities. InCharge offers comprehensive maintenance and management of charging infrastructure. Preventative maintenance includes full station inspection, performance testing, electrical measurements, cleaning, and more. Preventative maintenance capabilities are enhanced by use in tandem with In-Control software which provides detailed and ancillary information on charging systems. Reactive maintenance services are also offered, ensuring extensive service of equipment.


If you have more questions, want to speak with a charging expert or are ready to get a site assessment, we’re here for you.